July 31, 2018

7 Health Benefits of Being Outdoors

When the weather gets cold outside people’s main inclination will be to stay inside.  The sad part is that we never step out of our house to enjoy the nature and do some physical activity outdoors.  However, there are many health benefits one is missing out when they are stepping out and are confined only to their homes.  Listed below are few health benefits being outdoors.

Benefits of staying outdoors

Breathe fresh air- People fear of seasonal allergies and pollution and prefers to stay indoors. But the pollution in indoors is way worse than the air outside.  Paints, chemicals, inadequate ventilation, etc all contribute to the indoor pollution. There are many options you can find in the dream guides website about different outdoor activities and that why I love dream-guides the most. Hence you need to step out to breathe in fresh air.

Helps in counter-attacking the seasonal affective disorder- The seasonal affective disorder is a kind of a depression which strikes at the beginning of autumn and then worsens during the winter.  It is assumed that it is caused by lack of vitamin D and light.

Soak up the vitamin D-Vitamin D deficiency is the most common deficiencies many people face in today’s world. If we don’t get enough exposure to the sun, our body will struggle to make the vitamin D. Hence try to be out at least 15 minutes in sun.

Helps in easing the anxiety- Taking a walk outside will help in improving the feelings of well-being and also reduces the anxiety.

Helps in improving the concentration- There are many researchers who have proved that being outdoors will help in increasing the level of concentration.

Helps in healing faster- If you are exposed to natural light, the surgery patients will heal faster and with less pain.

Makes you happy- The natural light will definitely elevate the people’s mood.