November 27, 2018

Back Pain Relief: The Best Stretches to Relieve Back Pain

Stretching will help us find good relief from back pain.  Try the types of stretches and seek comfort:

Sitting erect: When you sit continuously, you tend to keep bending your back.  In between consciously stretch the back and sit erect.  You will be surprised to see the instant relief using this simple method.

Stretching backward:  When in pain do not fear or lament.  Seek the help of spine specialist in NJ.  There are a whole lot of treatment methods which are painless and easy.  You need not to struggle and suffer your entire lifetime.  Sometimes the physiologists suggest simple methods like stretching backward.  This will pull the spine in opposite direction and you will find good relief.

Stretching sidewards:  Pain in hip and low back can be removed by stretching sidewards.  Fold your hands and keep in the hips.  Stretch as far as you can towards the right and left.

Lying in flat surface:  Lying on a flat surface ensures good support for the low back.  When the back is rested properly on the floor, the stress due to managing body weight is reduced and the spine finds this position very comfortable.

Stretching limbs:  While lying in flat surface try stretching your hands up and down.  You can lift and place your legs on the nearby wall.  This will ensure that low back touches the floor and gets good rest.

Prostrating pose:  This is also known as child pose.  Bend your knees and sit on the floor.  Try to lean forward as if you are trying to prostrate.  Your stomach should not touch the floor.  Ensure that you bend like an inverted ‘C’ (by 90 degrees) and only your forehead should touch the ground.

All the above postures will ensure good relief from back pain.  But if you still do not find relief it is always the best decision to visit a medical practitioner and seek guidance for further course of action.