July 6, 2018

How creating a video diary can be good for your health

Most times, we engage in certain actions without thinking about how detrimental or beneficial they could be to our general well-being. It’s not really about us not being purposeful though; it has more to do with the fact that we get in the flow way too quick. But it’s not always a bad thing to get along with trends as we will get to see later in this article. That said, have you ever thought of how beneficial creating [and/or sharing] a video diary can be for your health?

3 Ways Video diary can be beneficial for your health

Relieving stress

Stress only builds up when we ‘bottle things up’ within. However, with a video diary; you will have a spot to pour your emotions and thoughts into. This singular act can help you to live happily thereafter – stress is eased out and a happy ‘YOU’ is begotten. More so, in a study conducted by a group of researchers, it was observed that individuals who keep video diaries tend to have improved sleep quality and a less stressful day.

Creating a blossoming relationship

When you decide to share your video diary, you get to open the room for a blossoming relationship with your followers online. And if you’re consistent at it on a social media site like Instagram, you do not even have to instagram follower kaufen before getting your message out. Folks like getting involved in such conversations, and who knows? You can get some help [on issues bothering you] through this avenue. Consequently, you will not be easily overtaken by worry/depression with (video diary) in place.

Gaining motivation

In your low moments, you can always go back to those videos for some motivation which in turn helps you beat – albeit steadily – anxiety and become lively once again; this is yet another means of giving yourself a psychological lift so to say.