September 10, 2018

How To Burn 1500 Calories A Day?

Burning 1500 calories a day is often the goal of people who want to lose weight as quick as possible. To lose one pound of fat you will have to burn 3500 calories per week or 500 calories per day. Health professionals recommend not losing more than 2 lbs per week as it brings about health complications. At this rate you will be losing maximum 8 lbs per month. To burn 1500 calories a day you will have to work out more and increase your physical activities and at the same time you should also watch what you eat.

When you intend to reduce your calorie intake more than the recommended range you will have to consult a health professional. Your diet and workouts should work in synergy to bring about the desired weight loss result. Signing up for acclaimed weight loss programs will help you stay in the recommended range of calories. For example, Nutrisystem is one of the well known weight loss programs that have helped people of America lose weight in a healthy and safe manner. The program has diet plans for all walks of people and has been introducing innovative plans quite often. Its recent launch helps dieters to lose up to 13 lbs and 7 inches in the first month. Go through Prodiets article to know how Nutrisystem differs in offering its weight loss services from its competitors.

A few tips would help you burn more calories. Try increasing the muscle mass as it helps in burning more calories than the fat mass in the body. Boosting metabolism helps in burning more calories. Going for low calorie diet of restrict carbs will bring down your basal metabolic rate. Therefore try to burn calories without affecting your calorie intake or starving. You can also try increasing your weight training exercise by not sticking to same weight range. Try to cut down carbs in the later part of the day and work out in sessions rather than performing in one session.