January 8, 2019

Stop Smoking: 5 Tips To Help You Quit Smoking In 2019

Trying to quit smoking with no success? Here is what you can do to quit smoking in the year 2019. Also, make sure to check https://www.emeraldgrowers.org/best-vapes/dry-herb-vaporizers/.

Set an alarm

Decide on a date when to quit smoking and stick to it. Pick up a date when you plan to quit smoking. That day stays away from lighters and cigarettes and avoids places where people are smoking which may tempt you to smoke.


You need to take control of your cravings. Be prepared for these beforehand. It just takes a few minutes to get you distracted. You could try to go on a walk or call a friend at home to distract your mind from smoking.

Keep reminding yourself

You need to keep reminding yourself about the reasons to quit smoking. Why did you want to do it in the first place? It could be because you want to feel better, for your family or to get fresh breath. Whatever be the reason keep reminding yourself which will help you stay motivated.

Replacement products

There are a few replacement products that you can try to help quit smoking. This will help you to withdraw from nicotine.

Social support

You can also make use of social support groups to quit smoking. These social groups would discuss their problems and offer support to each other.

These are some great ways to quit smoking. Try them out for better health. Quitting smoking is not easy but to keep reminding yourself and staying motivated is the difficult part. You need to be determined so that you stick to your resolution and do not start smoking again. It is not good to give up midway. So try out these tips to help you quit smoking in the new year and lead a healthy and long life.