August 18, 2018

The Everyday Habits You Didn’t Know Ruin Your Health

Are you a health nut and follow a strict exercise routine with a masterful diet plan? Avoid everything that is hurtful to your body out of your life? It’s great being healthy. If you are prone to make lifestyle choices benefitting your health, you might want to avoid these things that even the healthiest people do that causes major harm to your body.

Stop drinking your food

From grabbing a sugar laden coffee in the morning or stuffing in a calorie filled beverage for your lunch hurts your body in many ways. It elevates your glucose levels dangerously and can cause weight gain and diabetes.

Drop that diet soda

Diet soda is great! They taste like sweet release and is a treat you can enjoy completely guilt free. But most diet sodas use aspartame, a non-natural sweetener which is harmful for your body. It also retains water and makes you feel bloated, accumulates fat in your lower belly. Instead drink water infused with lemons, cucumber or fruits.

Stop using electronics before bed

Bright light decreases melatonin, a hormone that regulates our sleep. And poor sleep can cause a myriad of health issues including impaired immunity, heart conditions and fatigue.

Stop using plastic containers

Meal prepping is highly popular nowadays. Not only does it help control our portions and what we eat, but it keeps you replenished throughout the week on healthy choices. So, you’re shopping for lv handbags on sale, and you pick up a bunch of plastic containers. But many of these containers contain high levels of BPA which can interfere with weight loss and majorly disrupt hormone levels in your body. Go crazy with the meal prepping all you want, but make sure your containers are BPA free.